The History and Administration of the Eruv of Lower Merion

The Eruv of Lower Merion was set up in 1990 under the supervision of Rabbi Abraham A. Levene, who served as the supervising rabbinical authority (Rav Hamachshir) until his retirement in 2007. The current Rav Hamachshir is Rabbi Avraham Moshe Katzenelbogen who was appointed in 2007; he also serves as the Rabbi in charge of the Jerusalem Eruv. The original eruv included parts of Bala Cynwyd and Merion. The eruv was expanded in 2008 to include Narberth and large parts of Penn Valley. In 2010, an arrangement was arrived at to permit carrying between the Eruv of Lower Merion and the Main Line Eruv under certain circumstances; see the section below for more details.

The Eruv Corporation of Lower Merion manages the eruv under the supervision of the Rav Hamachshir. The president is Gilad J. Gevaryahu, and the board members and officers include Abba Krieger, Ira Feldman, Elchonon Berkowitz, and Joshua Weinberger. Individual contributions provide the funding for the eruv maintenance. Since the second year following its inception, the suggested contribution per family has been constant at $75 per year. The mailing address of the eruv is: PO Box 221, Merion Station, PA, 19066.