Carrying Between the Eruv of Lower Merion and the Main Line Eruv

The Eruv of Lower Merion and the Main Line Eruv have several points of contact. In addition to the “eruvei chatzerot” that permits carrying with the Eruv of Lower Merion, we have put in place separate “eruvei chatzerot”—another box of Matzot—that serves to combine the two eruvin. The additional box matzot are also in the wooden box in the coat-room of the Lower Merion Synagogue. As a result, it is also permitted to carry between these two eruvin on Shabbat, subject to the following conditions and particulars.

1. Both eruvim must be up. One must check the Lower Merion Eruv web site and the Main Line Eruv web site, the eruv phone lines, or receive email, to determine that they are both up. In the future we’ll strive to have all this information available on both web sites. If one of the eruvin is not up on a given Shabbat, the status of the other eruv is not affected.

2. Anyone wishing to carry in both eruvin must be willing to accept the kulot (leniencies) of both eruvin, i.e., to accept the ruling of each Rav Hamachshir that the eruv he supervises is valid. Neither Rav takes any responsibility for the status of the other eruv; however, each Rav does approve of this arrangement. A person who only accepts one of the eruvin is still permitted to carry in that eruv just as before.

Note: This situation is quite similar to consuming food with different kashrut certifications. Different certifying organizations or Rabbis may have different standards. By accepting more than one certification, for example even by eating in varying kosher restaurants, one in effect may be relying on differing sets of leniencies. Many observant individuals have no issue doing so, but some do.

3. Crossing can be done ONLY at the following designated crossings:
A. The crossing tunnel under the rail line at the Merion Station
B. The Bowman Avenue Bridge
C. The Narberth Bridge (South Narberth Avenue)
D. The crossing tunnel under the Narberth Station
E. Under the North Wynnewood Bridge. This is the arched stone bridge going under the train tracks near the Narberth playground.

Note: The crossing points are indicated on the map that is part of this website.

4. Although many of the sidewalks on City Ave are outside both eruvin, the sidewalk between Wynnewood Road and Lancaster Avenue on the Main Line side is now inside the Main Line eruv to allow people to walk from Lower Merion to Lankenau Hospital. However, the sidewalk going over the RR bridge just south of Merion Road is NOT included; to get to Lankenau from within the Eruv of Lower Merion it is necessary to go under the railroad at the Merion train station, go to Wynnewood Road, turn left to City Avune, and then turn right on City Avenue and right again on Lancaster Road.