1. The eruv is checked every week and its status is posted on this website, emails are sent to everyone on our list, and the status can also be ascertained by calling the Lower Merion Synagogue number and following the recorded instructions. Please do not rely on the eruv unless you know for a fact that it is up and functioning. Members of the Lower Merion Synagogue get the email notice of the status of the eruv automatically.

To be added to the mailing list contact:
Gilad Gevaryahu (610-667-7415, gevaryahu@aol.com) or,

2. It must be assumed that all boundary streets and sidewalks are outside the eruv. If you will have a need to carry on a boundary street, please consult Gilad Gevaryahu (610-667-7415, gevaryahu@aol.com), or the Rabbi of your shul.

3. One is generally not allowed to directly move certain “muktze” objects on Shabbat, for example, money, wallets, writing utensils, umbrellas, etc. The existence of the eruv does not affect these rules whatsoever.

4. Should you see what seems to be a breakdown in the eruv during the week, please utilize the above contact form on this website to report a breach.

5. Only those aware of the makeup of our Eruv are capable of determining whether the Eruv is down. Therefore, should you see what seems to be a breakdown on or just before the Sabbath, DO NOT communicate this information to anyone except Gilad Gevaryahu, Julius Shaneson, or the Rabbi of your shul.

6. The options for what to do if you learn that the eruv is down while carrying are too complex to describe here. Certainly small children or invalids and the like must be taken home or to a safe place by whatever means necessary. For information on what to do, consult your Rabbi.